The saga of the Stairwell Access Tower part 2


The Stairwell Access Tower parts are pretty lightweight so initially I was doing well on my own constructing the lower level and attaching the diagonal supports. It was at the point in the instructions when it became necessary to raise parts above my head and climb that I needed to call in reinforcements.

I must give full credit to my wonderful husband Kev. Working from home as a drupal developer he is as far removed from the world of decorating as humanly possible, and knowing how fiercely independent I am he treads very carefully when it comes to offering unsolicited help.

However on this occasion it was very apparent to both of us, perhaps by my shrill cries, that unless help was urgently given I was going to have to rethink my career choices.

The final stage of raising the working platform to the 5 metre height needed and adding the guard rails did give us both a bit of a workout but it was pretty quick work with 2 and I was soon able to make my first assent.

It is impossible to put into words the sight of me climbing up the tower for the first time, suffice to say it is not me at my most elegant – Kev threatens to make a video when he can stop laughing long enough.

But here I am at the top – and as long as I don’t look down, I really quite enjoy it.

Liz at the top of the stairwell access tower

Made it!