50 years of the Dulux Dog

Dulux Dog

50 years of the Dulux Dog

2011 sees the 50th anniversary of the Dulux Dog!

The Dulux Dog first appeared on our screens in 1961. Shepton Dash, or “Dash” as he was known held the role for 8 years. Fernville Lord Digby or “Digby” the second Dulux Dog actually starred in his own movie and was trained by the famous dog trainer of the 70’s Barbara Woodhouse.

Duke took over from Digby in the early 80’s and in the 1990’s Dulux had their first female dog Tanya followed by another female Pickle.

The current Dulux dog is Spud who apparently is partial to the odd roast dinner. Apart from Dash, all Dulux dogs have been “Breed Champions” and have won ‘Best in Show’ prizes at prestigious dog events.

Here at Juniper-ash we do have our very own mascot, Jenson, a rescued Springer Spaniel who came to live with us in 2009. Jenson is no breed champion and has no claim to fame, he eats sandpaper, steels paint brushes and is partial to eating emulsion paint. He couldn’t sit still long enough to be in a TV commercial and all the training he’s had is instantly forgotten if he sees a squirrel.

Jenson is in charge of entertainment at Juniper-ash, a role he fulfils with dedication and enthusiasm.

He was invited by a dog loving client to join me whilst I was decorating her home, I declined. Jenson, lining paper, wallpaper paste and white paint are a dangerous combination and unlike the gorgeous Dulux dogs would not be good for business.


Our very own Dulux Dog