A busy time of year!


At this time of year I’m always busy with outdoor work.

I have just finished repainting the Elms Cafe frontage in Melton Mowbray.

The Elms Cafe

Looks fab and the foods great!

For a small business it is important to minimise disruption so for this job I started work late on Saturday afternoon after the lunchtime trade and took advantage of the light evenings to get the work completed by the time the cafe re-opened on the Tuesday.

I used a wet sanding method in the prep work. This preperation method turns the dust produced from sanding into a paste that can be wiped away with a cloth. It also produces a really smooth finish when re-painted.

The paint used was Dulux Trade Weathershield in ‘Highland Green’, with highlights in another Weathershield colour ‘Cream Tea’. Dulux Weathershield dry’s really quickly, which is useful when working both with the unpredictable British weather and on a busy high street.

Fast drying poses a few challenges as the working time is very small so you have to work fast. I find wiping the surface with a damp cloth just before I apply the paint helps with paint flow and reduces brush marks as well as using a synthetic brush. If I am painting a large area I usually change my brush part way through as the paint tends to dry on the brush and clog.

Weeble image

I Wobbled but I didn't fall down

Working on a busy high street, even over the weekend was a challenge at times. Wet Paint warning signs seem to draw people to them like moths to flame. I did have one hairy moment when lovely old gentlemen, a Cafe regular with poor eyesight reversed his mobility scooter into my ladder whilst trying to read the Wet Paint sign!

I don’t mind heights but I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to falling. Thankfully just like a Weeble, I wobbled but I didn’t fall down.

If you have never been to the Elms Cafe in Melton Mowbray then you are missing a treat. In my opinion they serve the best breakfast in town, great coffee and really thick hot toast, they also have a brand new paint job so they look really smart too!