Go retro for a great look


Although at this time of year I am busy with outdoor work I can’t resist checking out new wallpaper designs.

Here are a couple that are on my “I would really like to hang” list:-

The C60 wallpaper with its hand-drawn cassettes has an irresistible retro look. From a really cool range of wallpapers by Mini Moderns.

Once upon a time, music was available on C60 cassettes – and that was cutting edge technology!

Cassette Wallpaper by Mini Moderns

So retro yet so now!

This would look fantastic as a feature paper in an office or den as well as a child’s bedroom and this Snow version (it also comes in chalkboard/gold) can be customised with a few felt pens so when your friends come round they can contribute to your own unique piece of art.

Why limit yourself to felt pens, you could try watercolours or adding embellishments for something really unique.

C60 Cassette Wallpaper - decorated

Your very own work of art!

Made in the UK, using water based inks and printed on paper from sustained and certified forests a 10m x 52cm roll will cost you about £40.

Mini Moderns have a range of papers you can decorate so if you fancy an interactive wall why not check out their whole range.

Another paper I love is this really quirky paper by Brewers. From the Marimekko 2 collection I think this Iltavilli wallpaper is fantastic and fun. The cows have a hand drawn quality that really adds to their character.

Iltavilla Wallpaper from Brewers

Follow the herd for a quirky look.

This wallpaper also comes in raspberry pink and lime green so it’s definitely not dull. At £73 per roll it’s not cheap, but if you are looking for something a bit different and you don’t want to follow the herd why not check this out.

With both of these papers I would use a 1200 or 1400 lining paper underneath. This will smooth out the wall which will give a better finish particularly if you are considering colouring in the designs.

The success of these designs lies in the quality of the pattern matching and the smoothness of the finish. Bold designs like these are meant to draw your attention to them so the last thing you want is to draw attention to an uneven wall or poor pattern matching so if you are new to paper hanging this is probably one for the professionals.