Making wood look good


It is said the older you get the quicker time flies and for me this year seems to be going at break neck speed. My youngest daughter turned 19 today and is off to Guilford to study music in September.

We had a fabulous family BBQ in the garden and it was great to be able to sit outdoors and enjoy the sunshine.

I did notice the garden furniture is looking a little shabby and I think it’s about time it had a make-over.

Cuprinol Garden Shades range

So many wonderful colours

I quite fancy a change so I will be choosing one of the gorgeous colours from the Cuprinol shades range. The scrummy colours and opaque matt finish have been specially formulated to complement the natural colours in the garden and allow the texture of the woodgrain to show through. It also give lasting weatherproof protection so my garden furniture will look good for a few more years.

Touch dry in an hour it’s ideal for the great British unpredictable weather and will give my tired old furniture a new lease of life.

The clever people at Cuprinol have also introduced Garden Shades mini testers. They contain 30ml of Garden Shades paint making them ideal for painting a just large enough wooden area to give you a good representation of the look you’ll get.

Cuprinol Shades

I quite fancy Willow for my furniture

I think my colour choice will be Willow and have just ordered my mini tester online to get the project started.

I have a two week break planned late August to get all the painting and decorating jobs finished at home, these include, repainting the exterior of the house. Painting and wallpapering the hall and painting the garden furniture – now I come to think about it, where’s the break?