1951 Festival of Britain


festival of britainA brave new world!

I watched a really interesting programme on BBC Two on Saturday about the 1951 Festival of Britain.

Set against the post war period of debt, austerity and rationing, the 1951 Festival of Britain showed how to carve out a bright new future through design and ingenuity and have fun. It was told by the people who made it happen and featured lots of colour footage taken at the festival.

Festival Hall

I love this wallpaper

I have a real passion for wallpaper and I love some of the 1950 inspired wallpaper in the shops at the moment but seeing this set against the austerity and destruction people were living in really brought home how innovative and exciting the use of colour and pattern in soft furnishings, ceramics and wallpaper really were.

The 1951 festival really did show a brave new world and one that still inspires designers today.

If you missed it 1951 Festival of Britain – A Brave New World can be found on BBC iplayer until Saturday 1st October.