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A recent project was a very tired and neglected garage door. The original oil based paint had completely broken down and what had once been a smooth painted metal door was now a broken, cracked and flaking surface that was offering no protection to the metal substrate underneath.

garage door - before

In need of a woman's touch

Exterior paint serves two purposes; primarily it offers protection to the substrate and forms a weatherproof seal. Secondly it makes our world colourful.

When paint has broken down to this extent the only option is to remove it. My Dewalt heat gun was my tool of choice. I could have used flame but the heat gun has a variable heat setting and offers more control.

Removing the flaking paint did take some time due to the grove detail on the door but once all the paint had been removed the door only needed a light sanding to remove the last bits of paint residue and provide a really smooth surface ready for re-painting.

As the garage door is metal I used Hammerite metal primer to seal the door and provide a good key. Two coats of Dulux Weathershield Acrylic Satinwood in Highland Green and the garage door was returned to its former glory.

garage door - after

After a bit of Juniper-ash magic

I really like Weathershield Acrylic Satinwood. It works really well on metal surfaces, dries very fast so re-coating is no problem and because it has some flexibilty the paint will offer a durable surface that will allow for the expansion and contraction of the metal surface.

So if your garage door is looking a bit neglected give Liz at Juniper-ash Decorating a call on 01664 851502