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Heating your living, dining & bedrooms with this easy decorating idea 

No need to waste money on heating or shiver, this decorating guide shows you how a simple trick behind your wallpaper & paint makes all the difference. 

Autumn! One of nature’s most colourful seasons, time to be inspired by the gorgeous gold’s and lush green’s around you, alongside many other reasons to rejoice, some of my personal favourites include – it’s now acceptable to drink hot chocolate in the middle of the day, you can take pleasure in the simple things – get overly excited by the prospect of kicking a large pile of golden leaves (oh go on we’ve all done it!), no need for blusher – the wind makes your cheeks glow enough without it, cosy evenings in by the fire, makes you smile just thinking about it.

But along with all these reasons to be happy, autumn brings with it a whole host of decorating problems, as we at Juniper-Ash Decorating saw recently when we went to talk to a client in Melton Mowbray about decorating ideas for their living room.

Condensation Calamity!

Condensation is caused when warm moist air meets a cold surface. Often a problem in the cooler months as we close our windows and the air doesn’t circulate. We all know of course what damp can do to wallpaper and that’s heart breaking enough but in extreme cases black mould can grow, its spores can cause breathing difficulties and it’s very unsightly.

Wallrock thermal lining roll

Wallrock thermal liner by Erfurt Mav is our weapon of choice against a cold wall, not only does it heat up your room it saves energy, cosy and efficient. It works by reflecting warm air back into in to the room from the wall surfaces so that the maximum amount of heat is available to heat up the rest of the air, thus room’s heat up to 65% faster and can save up to 36% of your energy being spent on heating.

To take this out of figures and to give you an example the company have tested: A Wallrock thermal lined room can reach a temperature of 21 degrees in 25 minutes; a conventional room structure would take a full hour and 40 minutes to reach the same climate.

Unlike some cheaper products on the market that insulate walls in a similar manner, Wallrock allows your walls to breathe naturally so that the moisture is still ventilated from the room, so the minimal condensation that may still occur is dealt with before it has time to even think about becoming problem and as an added perk it’s also completely hypoallergenic.

Wallrock power adhesive

To apply, Wallrock recommend you use their brand of paste and with good reason; the paste is the perfect accompaniment to the lining and goes on quite thickly and is incredibly strong, then to finish you simply stick the thermal liner to the area you’ve plastered and leave to dry, beautifully simple and saves a multitude of problems, perfection.

A wall with Wallrock thermal liner applied, barely noticeable and so efficient!

We know from experience that Wallrock does exactly as it promise’s so if you’re looking to work with us on your space and it’s always been a tad on the chill side then let us know, because we care about all the little details that make your room beautiful, inside and out.

Just give us a call on 01664 851502 or get in touch through the website.

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