The Great Gatsby Renovation


Here at Juniper-ash Decorating we love a good movie – an epic adventure, fated love & forbidden romance, a good protagonist, spine chilling suspense or a jaw-dropping plot twist, we’re a fan.

So with the release of this summer’s dazzling blockbuster a mere few days away and reviews coming in thick and fast, we couldn’t help but marvel at all the glittering diamonds, understated elegance and art deco influence in the film… yes the designers must have had a ball decorating those sets – we know we’d have loved the job.

The great gatsby movie poster

This summer’s affair to remember

Art deco. Love it or hate it, it’s this summer’s fling to remember and home decor just adores it, symmetrical prints & understated colours brought to life with a glamorous chaise longue and crystal chandelier to add a touch of decadence – who wouldn’t love to relax in such a room?

Full of inspiration, we did a little digging into the world of 1920’s style revival and found wonderful wallpapers and bold shades of paint that bring art deco firmly into the modern day.

Jazz age wallpaper

Jazz hands anyone?

Jazz Age 01Y£158 per roll from Art Decor Designs
How about a fun jazz revival, cabaret night every night with you as the star

Fifi Wallpaper

Stunning beauty Fifi deserves to be pinned-up

Fifi Deco Fabulous£60 per roll by Nono
Or maybe gorgeous Fifi might tempt your fancy, fun and flirty – she’s a perfect feature wall

Matinee Wallpaper

Take a walk back in time with this scenic wallpaper

Matinee Deco Fabulous£60 per roll by Nono
Take in a Matinee with your sweetheart and stroll down the memory lane with this beautiful wallpaper

Deco Diamond Paper

Simple yet elegant – what the 20’s were all about

Deco Diamond£19.99 per roll by Graham & Brown
Or if you prefer to keep it simple then why not try deco diamonds – fresh colours with a vintage twist, perfect for livening up any space

For the perfect restored vintage feel why not team with one of the Little Greene Paint Company’s “Retrospective” Collection, a range of vintage colours inspired by influential designs throughout British history such as Knightsbridge – a deep, earthy purple taken from a 1964 Harrods exhibition, or Hicks Blue – a rich blue inspired by David Hicks, the influential designer who used this blue in the restaurant at the top of the London Telecom Tower in 1962.

For the finishing touch we just love this decedent lampshade from Next (Lamartine £170), glamorous and modern – it’s the perfect fit for any Art Deco inspired designs.

Lamartine lamp shade

A little bit of over-indulgence never hurt anyone surely?

As with all high quality wallpapers, the team at Juniper-ash Decorating cannot stress the importance of proper prep work and a good lining paper, as with any dramatic re-design you should be sure to ask for a professional opinion before you throw caution to the wind and risk the chance of hidden obstacles.

Here at Juniper-ash we know professional quality when we see it and we know when it’s not, we take our work seriously and we want to leave a beautiful space that will last so you know we can be relied on for quality and service every time, that’s why our clients come back to us.
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