Laura’s Tile Takeover – The Juniper-ash Kitchen part 1


Recently we’ve been undergoing some decorating of our own in the Juniper-ash Decorating household and we’d like to take a moment to share some of our own experiences of kitchen decorating, in particular – tiling.

At the start of May this year, Laura learnt a whole range of new skills as she undertook, and passed, her BTEC certificate in exploring wall and floor tiling where she learnt to install tiles, cut them to size and tackle the obstacles around the home such as windows, plug sockets and edging.The Juniper-ash team couldn’t be prouder of Laura’s expanding skill set and to show just how much faith we had in her new abilities, we let her loose on our very own kitchen.

Our Juniper-ash Kitchen

Laura faced a challenging project which required all her skills; uneven surfaces (it turns out our windowsill bows a little), plug sockets, a bulk head cover and the obvious pressure of working on the boss’s home – who wouldn’t feel that stress?

Despite the challenges of this testing project, Laura tackled the kitchen in the same way she approaches all her Juniper-ash projects, calmly, methodically and with a fine attention to detail.

Laura hard at work

As we entered the kitchen to take some photos for this very blog (coming soon!) and gather some information on how it was going, we found Laura with a spirit level very carefully ensuring each of the adjustments to the adhesive, to level our wonky windowsill, were correct and that everything was precisely aligned to perfection – what else would we expect from a Juniper-ash decorator?

Laura working on the windowsill tiles

Our kitchen looks great with the tiles installed in the very fashionable brick-bonded style, and not only are we thrilled to have this lovely new kitchen, the Juniper-ash Decorating team are proud to be able to offer yet another service in our already formidable range of skills, and if you’ve got decorating project that your thinking you might like to incorporate some tiling into then why not ask us about it today.

An example of the Brick-bonding tile layout

As ever you can get in touch by clicking here or by calling 01664 851502

The tiles used for our project came from Walls & Floors and we’ll be writing a blog for release next week on the fantastic quality of their products and the wide range of colours available, so come back next week for more kitchen news!

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