Un-masking the truth about tape.


Stuck on what kind of tape you need? Masked in doubt about getting that straight paint line? Found yourself in a sticky situation with your DIY?

All right, we’ll stop with the puns, but this week at Juniper-ash Decorating we’re talking truths about tape!

As professional painter and decorators we use brushes for our precision lines and our tapes for protection. We’re often asked by our clients why we’ve used multiple colours of masking tape in their homes, and no, we haven’t lost the plot, it’s all about the right tape for the job.

When it comes to masking tape we keep our vans stocked with what we deem the essential top four:

  • Basic Masking Tape

We use our local Brewers decorating supply store to buy most of our tapes in bulk but our basic decorators tape is similar to any off the shelf masking tape found at a local craft/DIY store. We use this type of masking tape to protect carpets when painting skirting boards or when wrapping furniture in polythene to secure edges.

The remaining tapes on our list are all manufactured by a company called Tesa. Tesa make a variety of specialist tapes depending on your project requirements. The team at Juniper-ash Decorating have used Tesa for over five years and have never been disappointed with their quality of product and performance.

  • Yellow Tape

Precision Mask is an high grade paper masking tape, it’s acrylic adhesive compound gives a firm hold without leaving a sticky residue when removed. We use this type of tape to protect indoor surfaces such as stone, tiles, windows, and any other non-coated finishes.

Arron applying yellow tape to protect a fireplace


  • Pink Tape

Precision Mask Sensitive is a low tack masking tape designed for delicate projects such as already painted, varnished, or lacquered surfaces and wallpaper. It gives a good hold for a limited period of time, as with the Precision Mask it leaves no residue when removed and protects from any paint bleeding through under tape edges.


Pink tape on wallpaper

  • Blue Tape

Precision Mask Outdoor is a high grade washi paper masking tape. We use this tape for almost all our outdoor projects including windows, doors, conservatories, soffits and fascias. Again, this tape does not leave a sticky residue and is incredibly resistant to the elements.

Blue tape on windows


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