A colourful new world


This week we thought we’d shed some light on what some of the Juniper-ash Decorating team get up to when they’re off duty. And no, afraid we haven’t tried skydiving yet, we’d rather watch the ice hockey then play (come on Panthers!), and the closest we’ve come to extreme team sports are who can throw a biscuit in their mouth first. Not to say we don’t enjoy a varied mix of hobbies between us but this week we’re looking at – you guessed it – painting!


Finished lamp with toys and hand painted shade

This very special project was made in the Juniper Studio for a baby shower gift over the festive break, and if we do say so ourselves, it turned out rather well!

Vintage lamp

We love a good up-cycle and this vintage lamp was a bargain find in a local antiques shop, the toys are all second hand from the Melton Mowbray car boot held up at the farmers market. We glued them on (with a little guidance from our friendly neighbourhood electrician) and used a Rustoleum surface primer spray.

Half painted lamp with toys stuck to it

There was ideas for all kinds of colours but once dry we loved the colour and flat matt finish of the primer so much we decided to keep it! We like Rustoleum a lot but this product is not designed to stick the same as our go to Zinsser 1.2.3 primer or designed to be used as a top coat so to add durability to our lamp base we added a few layers of decorators varnish.

Hand painted lampshade

Originally the plan was to remove the shade and replace with a modern fabric but after a short debate we just couldn’t resist painting that too! We used the porosity of the material to our advantage to create this quirky ombré effect. We added some unorthodox paints drips then finished with a fire retardant coating.

Finished lamp

And so the ombré toy lamp was born! We think it’s cute and pretty fun just like it’s it’s new owner Finn – welcome to a colourful world!

Laura holding baby Finn

Laura holding week old Finn

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