Mirror mirror


It’s the end of dry January for some, so this week we thought we’d pay tribute to those who tried a little harder then the Juniper-ash Decorating team to banish the beers!

Beer labels on mirror

Alright alright, they didn’t all belong to us but when we heard the medium for this quirky project it’d have been rude not to contribute!
The creative team over in the Juniper Studio have been at it again and completed this eye catching mirror covered in beer labels!

Laura’s barber station

For those of you who aren’t aware, our very own painting and decorating extraordinaire Laura trained to become a professional barber last year and is now chopping hair as well as wallpaper (but not with the same scissors)!
We thought this mirror would be a great addition to her workstation and has received a number of compliments from her clients already.

Old mirror

To achieve this finish we took an old mirror previously used for other projects, sanded down the wooden frame with a low grade abrasive paper to provide a rough key for better stick. Then we used Albany’s Overlap and Repair Adhesive – please note this is not a wood glue, and although we were confident this was somewhat experimental – to glue our beer labels to the frame. We used one of our OLFA Utility Knifes with a fresh blade to cut any excess from around the glass, and finished with a few coats of our favourite Decorators Varnish.

Arron before and after haircut

Laura’s handiwork: Before and after of Juniper-ash team member Arron.


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