Romantic Reds


We hope you’ve all been snuggling up in this cold weather, the light of spring is just around the corner and with a whiff of valentines still in the air we thought it was only fitting we discuss the warmth and excitement of the colour red!

Red is traditionally an expensive colour to produce and these shades have always carried an air of opulence. It is considered a powerful colour, full of courage and energy, whether it’s to add some amore or snazz up your singles pad here’s some of the Juniper-ash team favourites!

Little Greene Atomic Red

Bold Red – We couldn’t describe it any better then the words from kinky boots “Red! Red is the color of sex and fear and danger and signs that say, Do. Not. Enter. All my favorite things in life!”
Bold reds demand attention in any room, an exciting, in your face statement. Pair with crisp black and whites for a retro feel or neutral tones to let red take the spotlight.

Juniper-ash love: Little Greene’s Atomic Red

Victorian Red – Rich and classic, Victorian reds harp back to days of opulence and wealth. Pair with muted tones for an air of elegance or navy for a contemporary feel.

Juniper-ash love: Little Greene’s Bronze Red or Baked Cherry

Little Greene Adventurer

Sophisticated Red – a great feature wall, sophisticated reds can be understated but never underestimated. They bring a warmth to the any room without being overwhelming, pair with soft neutrals for an inviting space or go for a quirky contrast with an olive green.

Juniper-ash love: Little Greene Adventurer or Farrow and Ball Eating Room Red


Terracotta Red – Dreaming of intense Tuscan sun? This is the red for you! Terracotta reds are warm and earthy, bringing a natural feel to your home. Pair with off whites for a back to basics feel or go bold with dark colours for a deep and thoughtful space.

Juniper-ash love: Little Greene’s Tuscan Red or Heat

Little Greene Leather

Blush Red – the fun and flirty side of red! Contemporary and energetic, can be paired with bold oranges for a bright and happy space or make a great accent for a neutral pallet.

Juniper-ash love: Little Greene’s Carmine or Leather

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