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The Great Gatsby Renovation


Here at Juniper-ash Decorating we love a good movie – an epic adventure, fated love & forbidden romance, a good protagonist, spine chilling suspense or a jaw-dropping plot twist, we’re a fan. So with the release of this summer’s dazzling blockbuster a mere few days away and reviews coming in thick and fast, we couldn’t...
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Graham & Brown give us a sneak peak


Bespoke wallpaper designers and paint manufacturers Graham & Brown have always created elegant home design that mirrors current trends in fashion, art and cinema.  It is only natural then that we at Juniper-ash Decorating like to keep a close eye on their website, peruse their wallpaper collections and eagerly await their regular newsletters for a...
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Festive Winter Wallpaper


Winter is upon us, decorations are up and the sleeps are being counted until Christmas, but here at Juniper-ah Decorating we’ve found the perfect papers to wrap our walls in, never mind the presents. Wallpaper Direct have put together a collection of festive wallpapers that we just had to share, featuring wallpaper by Graham and...
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Alison Hutchinson Interior & Exterior Design


Thanks Liz and thanks for fitting this job in pre-Christmas. Henrietta sent me a message last night to say how pleased she was and how lovely everything looked. Alison Hutchinson Interior & Exterior Design
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Why not add a mural?


There is no doubt my passion for wallpaper is verging on an addiction. I love this time of year when the likes of Graham and Brown, Cole and Son and Laura Ashley launch their new collections. Today, after a busy morning rendering a patio wall and as a distraction to the bookwork I am supposed...
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