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The Great Gatsby Renovation


Here at Juniper-ash Decorating we love a good movie – an epic adventure, fated love & forbidden romance, a good protagonist, spine chilling suspense or a jaw-dropping plot twist, we’re a fan. So with the release of this summer’s dazzling blockbuster a mere few days away and reviews coming in thick and fast, we couldn’t...
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Darker Days, Brighter Wallpaper


Precious gem inspired wallpaper to give your home a million doller luxury finish    Cabochon: 1. A precious stone of convex hemispherical or oval form – polished but not cut into facets. 2. An ornamental motif resembling this, either concave or convex and often surrounded by ornately carved leaf patterns, used on furniture of the 18th century.   And...
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Wallpapers of Autumn


Beautiful wallpapers to embrace the colours around us this season Wet, windy & soggy October, what to do to while away the time indoors? Here at Juniper-ash we’re taking the time to appreciate some gorgeous new autumn themed wallpaper, earthy browns, glorious greens, vibrant oranges and gleaming gold’s – simply glorious. Why not begin a project...
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You Rock My Walls


Heating your living, dining & bedrooms with this easy decorating idea  No need to waste money on heating or shiver, this decorating guide shows you how a simple trick behind your wallpaper & paint makes all the difference.  Autumn! One of nature’s most colourful seasons, time to be inspired by the gorgeous gold’s and lush green’s around you,...
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Recent decorating projects


  Keeping you up to date with the Juniper-ash team and their devine decorating Juniper-ash work on a varity of projects from wallpapering a feature wall to interior design overhauls & we love them all. It has been a busy summer for Juniper-ash Decorating.  The weather has not been with us so our exterior work has been...
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A very special project to start the new year – part 2


The second stage of the redecoration project in Frieston I am working on with Alison Hutchinson Design has gone well. Applying lining paper to a ceiling always offers a few challenges but thanks to my wonderful youthful rugby playing assistant Jonathan the five and a half metre lengths went up without a hitch. I often...
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Damage free wallpaper stripping


It can be easy to forget when planning your decorating project that your new home may be anything but new when it comes to its construction. I visited a beautiful Victorian terrace recently where previous owners had lovingly added their own stylish and some may say not so stylish touches to this beautiful building. There...
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Why not add a mural?


There is no doubt my passion for wallpaper is verging on an addiction. I love this time of year when the likes of Graham and Brown, Cole and Son and Laura Ashley launch their new collections. Today, after a busy morning rendering a patio wall and as a distraction to the bookwork I am supposed...
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Go retro for a great look


Although at this time of year I am busy with outdoor work I can’t resist checking out new wallpaper designs. Here are a couple that are on my “I would really like to hang” list:- The C60 wallpaper with its hand-drawn cassettes has an irresistible retro look. From a really cool range of wallpapers by...
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