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The perfect piece


Welcome Onepiece Wallmurals, a new product being installed by Juniper Ash Decorating. Did we mentioned how much we love the National Painting and Decorating show didn’t we? Can’t remember? Click here for a re-cap! At Juniper-ash Decorating we love to keep up to date on new products and training opportunities and we’re very excited about our latest...
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90’s Nostalgia Becomes Fashion Forward in Home Decor


It has been said before that the team at Juniper-ash Decorating love a fun project – anything wacky, out of the ordinary or “off-the walls” on the walls, then we’re your decorators. So when we caught sight of the latest release of retro wall murals from wallpaper designer Mr Perswall, we couldn’t crowd round the...
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Why not add a mural?


There is no doubt my passion for wallpaper is verging on an addiction. I love this time of year when the likes of Graham and Brown, Cole and Son and Laura Ashley launch their new collections. Today, after a busy morning rendering a patio wall and as a distraction to the bookwork I am supposed...
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