The saga of the Stairwell Access Tower


Decorating stairways are a challenge. I’ve managed with all sorts of precarious solutions in my youth but have decided it is unprofessional to fall of a ladder in a client’s home – it just leaves the wrong impression.

Today I took delivery of a very large meccano set from my local Hire Station to test out – try before you buy!

The saga!
8.30am Expected time of delivery – all ready and waiting
8.30am Call from Gary at Hire Station – bits missing, will be with me by 10am
11am Tower arrives with no instructions
1.30pm Instructions finally arrive – and I read them
2pm All seems pretty straight forward
2.30pm Discover working platform is the wrong size – Phone call to the Gary
3pm Correct platform found but it’s at another branch – they will fetch it and deliver ASAP
5pm Platform arrives

Decided to wait until tomorrow to start work!