I love these paint brushes

EcoEzee Brush

I love these brushes

As a Painter and Decorator I am very aware of the impact my work has on our environment so was really pleased to come across Eco Ezee at the Painting and Decorating show last year.

Eco Ezee specialises in the design and manufacture of innovative products made from waste material, by-products from other manufacturing processes or ecologically sustainable sources.

I bought their 1.5″ brush, to give it a try (they were giving away chocolate). I have Purdy and Dulux brushes that I have been very pleased with so I was sceptical.

The 1.5” is now my permanent white gloss brush and is used on a daily basis (I have a Brush Mate so it’s always on standby). The handle sits well in the hand, is well balanced, the brush holds the paint well and flows beautifully. There is no bristle loss and is perfect for a glass smooth finish.

I have now added a number of their brushes to my kit.

They also do a great paint try liner made from 100% recycled material. I’m really lazy and these are great, they save loads of time and water. You just remove the excess paint, leave them to dry and then you can re-use them. The more you use them the tougher they get. I have two on the go for my white and magnolia emulsion paint. When one finally came to the end of its useful life I used it to plant seeds in and stuck it in the garden.

Check them out, you will not be disappointed EcoEzee.com