Championing over gravity


I really enjoy the challenge of papering ceilings. Championing over gravity is always very satisfying!

I recently completed a ceiling in a beautiful old farmhouse in Preston near Uppingham. It was an absolute dream to do.

As with all decorating 80% of the work is preparation. It’s really important to remove all the old paper and clean the surface to remove paste residue. If this isn’t done old dirty paste can seep through the new paper and cause staining.

Lining paper image

You get what you pay for

I used 1400 grade Erfurt Mav Professional Lining Paper. This paper is perfectly smooth and excellent at covering minor imperfections.

Lining paper isn’t expensive but you do get what you pay for. Some cheaper lining papers can have lumps of paper pulp that creates an uneven surface that become magnified when painted.

Applying lining paper to a ceiling is like a ballet, perfect timing of feeding the paper and smoothing it down before gravity catches up with you. The skill comes in keeping the folds small and uniformed so you have complete control over the paper.

Pink Zinsser Wallwiz

My weapon of choice

My secret weapon is my pink Zinsser Wallwiz; it makes short work of smoothing the paper and is a perfect trimming guide

The Preston farmhouse ceiling was completed in less than a day and after leaving overnight to dry out, it was a simple case of applying a coat of magnolia paint for the job to be complete.