Are you ok with snakes?

Corn snake in the loo

Have you seen George?

As a painter and decorator I am often left to work alone in someone’s home.

I quite regularly arrive on a job and as the client hands over the keys there is an “oh by the way” moment.

I take pride in offering a service that is flexible, friendly and personal and having a family of my own I am unfazed by the request to remove the black thong from the impossible to reach lampshade on the stairs, left there from the teenage birthday party or can I give the dog his tablets at lunchtime.

Here’s one very memorable “oh by the way” moment –

“Oh by the way, are you ok with snakes? Only George has escaped. He’s about 5ft long, he doesn’t like noise so you probably won’t see him but if he’s thirsty you may find him in the loo”.

I’m not keen on snakes, but what can a girl do, there was a job to do? Answer; make as much noise as possible and only venture into the bathroom when absolutely necessary carrying an extension pole just in case George is indeed thirsty.

Blondie Album Cover - Parallel Lines

Inspired choice for a bedroom

The teenager’s bedroom looked fab when I’d finished. Very dramatic leather look black wallpaper with a silver weave detail and matt white, it was like walking into the Blondie album cover Parallel Lines.

I have yet to meet George, I was a bit worried he might be under the new carpet that was laid but I am assured he did re-appear for a short while before his next Houdini trick.  However my client was so pleased with her son’s room that I have other work lined up so there is still time to meet the mysterious George.

I will keep you posted!