June joins the team


It has to be said I am no spring chicken; in fact I might even describe myself as a bit of an old bird!

But I would like to introduce June, a beautiful Cream Legbar hen who joined Juniper-ash Decorating as head of special marketing projects in May.

June the chicken

June, head of special marketing projects

June has taken a while to settle in and find her feet but is now up to speed laying beautiful blue shelled eggs which are used as part of Juniper-ash Decorating marketing and promotions.

June’s hobbies include eating plants, escaping and dust bathing. She is useless at hanging wallpaper, sanding back, painting or any other job involved in the preparation and completion of decorating projects.

June's eggs

Juniper-ash Decorating, a little bit different!

However her eggs and their little blue egg box with the Juniper-ash Decorating logo are a big hit and she is a great addition to the team.

June does not live alone; she has two companions Popeye and Steve who also help in the egg production.

As with everything we do at Juniper-ash Decorating June is a little bit special and different and adds that extra special detail to all our decorating projects.

June and her colleagues will be getting a hen house exterior make-over in August.

Cuprinol Garden Shades come in a sumptuous range of colours and because they are water based they are quick drying and safe to use so June and her colleagues can look forward to a great new look and lasting protection over the winter.