Tanking Slurry – whats that?

Finished patio wall

I'm really pleased with the results

I always enjoy a challenge so when asked to repair and repaint a patio wall as part of larger external paint work I was happy to oblige. I was upfront with my client that this was a new area for me but she was very happy for me to go ahead and was confident I would do a great job.

The patio wall was damp, due to the retained soil. The thin render and paint that had been applied was now crumbling and the whole wall was looking tatty and in need of some TLC.

Patio wall showing damage

Being a Virgo my motto is ‘if a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing well.’ Getting the right products for the job turned out to be very straight forward. I found all the help I needed from a really great company in Loughborough, Restoration UK, who are a small independent company providing a full range of products and equipment for the remedial and restoration industry.

I had never heard of SBR or Tanking Slurry before but Eric and Claire couldn’t have been more helpful and were really great at putting the technical data stuff into a language I could understand.

Tanking Slurry comes ready mixed, so I didn’t need to work out quantity of cement to sand etc. It’s a bit like a Betty Crocker cake mix, you just add water and mix to the consistency you need. Just don’t eat it!

Patio wall with render appliedApplying Tanking Slurry with a brush is straight forward and two coats gave me the finish I needed.

The render could have been left unpainted but my client wanted the wall white so I used Dulux Weathershield masonry paint to match with the rest of the exterior work.

I’m really pleased with the finished result and more importantly so is my client.

I have continued to use the SBR and Tanking Slurry to repair minor damage to house render prior to painting and will be using these products again in a cellar restoration project later in the year.

As a side line to my painting and decorating I’m also thinking of producing the Tanking Slurry workout for women DVD. All the upper arm exercise has done wonders for the bingo wings and I will be sporting the short sleeve t-shirts with pride this year.