Adding your own personal style – top tips


As a female painter and decorator I am often asked for advice about interior decorating projects. 

New builds can be particularly challenging as they are a blank canvas ready for you to stamp your style on. 

Choosing a new colour scheme, deciding on a feature wall colour or choosing wallpaper can seem daunting tasks and it is sometimes overwhelming knowing where to start. 
So here are my top tips when planning a make-over for your home:-

Think about how you want the interior space you are decorating to be used.  Is it a family room where there will be lots of activity or a cosy intimate space just for adults?  – Knowing how the room will be used will help you decide on the decorating materials needed for the project.

Do your research – There are loads of great interior design magazines on the market to inspire you when it comes to interior decoration.  The internet is also a great place to pick up ideas and check out the latest trends in wallpaper, paint colours and soft furnishings and how to put them together.

Make your own mood boards – Interior designers use these all the time and you can use them too.  Just collect together lots of samples of things you like.  Wallpaper samples, paint swatches, textiles as well as pictures of rooms that have elements you like and play around with them and find your own unique style.

Don’t be lazy; with only a little bit of effort you can create a room that is unique and personal without spending a fortune.    


Shoes Wallpaper - Barbara Hulanicki

Talk to the experts – Like a lot of decorators I have a passion for what I do.  I keep an eye on current decorating trends.  Just like clothing fashion, wallpaper has collections from iconic designers such as Kelly Hoppen, Barbara Hulanicki, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen as well as new up and coming designers.

If your budget is limited do some of the work yourself and call in the experts for the things you can’t do.  I often work with clients advising them at the beginning of a decorating project and then return to hang the wallpaper at the end.

So unleash your inner designer and give your home a style all of its own.