Why not add a mural?


There is no doubt my passion for wallpaper is verging on an addiction.

I love this time of year when the likes of Graham and Brown, Cole and Son and Laura Ashley launch their new collections.

Today, after a busy morning rendering a patio wall and as a distraction to the bookwork I am supposed to be doing I have been browsing the internet looking for something a bit different to amuse visitors and brighten my rather bland dining room that is on my list of decorating projects.

After a very pleasant hour of internet research I have found just what I am looking for from a company called Creative Wallcovering.

Based in Durham, North Carolina they may not be local but they do ship internationally and with the US dollar exchange rate being so low they are a bargain

Fireplace MuralI might add a feature fireplace

Chateau window muralor a window with a sea view. 

Bookshelf mural
The bookshelf will never need dusting

Grandfather-clock mural
and I could just imagine a comfy chair next to the grandfather clock in the corner.

Wall murals come on heavy card stock and some need to be trimmed.  They are un-pasted and will need careful hanging if they are going to create the desired optical illusion. 

Ranging in price from about £30 for the bookshelf to about £80 for a fireplace they are a very affordable way of adding a unique and quirky feature to a room.

Door panelI love this door mural; it could work really well on a narrow wall and guests would definitely do a double take.  At less than £25 I will be adding one to my shopping basket.

I would consider cross-lining the wall with lining paper to ensure a really smooth surface and good adhesion.  Lining paper is really good at preventing air bubbles so makes hanging very easy.

So many exciting decorating projects – so little time!