Bentons rebranding – Melton Mowbray

Bentons Rebranding

The new look Bentons

Bentons Estate Agent in Melton Mowbray has been rebranding.

A new contemporary logo, beautiful singe and classy colour scheme have been designed and co-ordinated by Ketchup Marketing and has given Bentons offices in the centre of Melton a fab new feel for the housing market of the 21st century.

I was approached to complete the repainting work and I was delighted to accept the project. It was a challenge, the offices closed on Saturday afternoon and the repainting of the interior and exterior needed to be complete by start of business on Monday.

Final paint colour was confirmed late on Thursday so Saturday 3pm I was ready to start. As a painter and decorator you do get quite a buzz from working against the clock, but for me it is also about providing the service and attention to detail I pride my business on. This was a great opportunity but standards cannot slip.

This project was going to be tight and I knew I was in for a long weekend.

Dulux Weathershield quick drying satin does exactly what it says on the tin so it was the ideal choice for both the interior and exterior. As always preparation is the key, any paint will look good when it has just been finished but getting lasting results is all about proper preparation of the substrate.


Getting started on the prep work

Bentons new singe was also being installed. Andy from AR Signs and I soon worked out a plan of action and by 8.30 Saturday evening things were starting to happen.

There were a few challenges, the internal spot lights were on a timer and came on automatically, they were quite helpful to dispel shadow but it did get a little precarious as they started to heat up!

Bentons internal

The spot lights were getting a bit hot!

By Sunday evening things were coming together. All the protective coverings had been removed, the office had been cleaned and tidied new matting laid and all that was left to do was the exterior of the main window. Light was fading fast, and it was another late finish but those spot lights came in handy again and I managed to get the first coat on.

I always deliver on a promise so first light on Monday I was back to complete the second coat and put the finishing touches to the Benton makeover. By the time the wonderful people at Bentons started to arrive for work all the paint was dry, the windows were cleaned and the Bentons rebranding was complete.

The finished result speaks for itself!

Bentons Rebrand

The new look Bentons - it looks fab!