Get creative with paint


Here in the UK we are all familiar with the Dulux Dog and now that the nights are drawing in and Dulux start their autumn advertising campaign you will be seeing more of Spud the Dulux dog on TV.
The Dulux Dog first appeared on our screens in 1961. Shepton Dash, or “Dash” as he was known held the role for 8 years.
Fernville Lord Digby or “Digby” the second Dulux Dog actually starred in his own movie and was trained by the famous dog trainer of the 70’s Barbara Woodhouse.
Duke took over from Digby in the early 80’s and in the 1990’s Dulux had their first female dog Tanya followed by another female Pickle.
Apart from Dash, all Dulux dogs have been “Breed Champions” and have won ‘Best in Show’ prizes at prestigious dog events.

Crown Paints launched their new TV advertising campaign in August ‘Walls Come to Life’. The new TV ad was broadcast on UK television for the first time on Friday 19th August 2011. Showcasing a mix of vibrant colours and inspirational ideas, the new Crown paint ad encourages homeowners to add a splash of colour to their homes to really make a statement on their walls.

Pacific-paint ad-jellyfish

It's paint!

But if you really want to see creative paint advertising then Boysen a paint manufacturer in the Asian Pacific have turned the humble can of paint into an art form.

These beautiful CGI print images have been created for Boysen by advertising agency TBWA and I think they are stunning.

So if you want to get creative with paint why not give your friendly female decorator a call on 01664 851502.