Preperation is the key


What a busy month December has been. My usual weekly blog entry went out the window as the rush to make our homes beautiful for the festive season went into overdrive.

December started with a mammoth cleaning session to remove tar and cigarette stains before decorating a double bedroom in a bungalow in Ab Kettleby.

I used a product that I found at the Painting and Decorating show this year called Krud Kutter. Non toxic and biodegradable it made short work of getting through the sticky tar residue that covered the walls and ceiling.

As always preparation is the key to any long lasting finish and this is never more so than when it comes to removing cigarette tar before re-painting. Paint will do a pretty good job of covering the stains initially but within a matter of weeks the paint will discolour and start to deteriorate. Hanging wallpaper over tar residue is a waste of time. The paste will discolour and can mark the paper as it is being hung or within a few weeks the tar will work its way through the beautiful wallpaper that transformed the room and it will look like it’s been around for twenty years.

So as always taking the time to prepare a room properly before re-decoration is the key.

The project itself was straight forward once the cleaning had been finished and it only took a couple of days to complete the transformation.

tar stained ceiling

Even after cleaning two coats of Dulux were needed

The ceiling was painted using Dulux trade pure brilliant white emulsion. Normally one coat is enough to give excellent coverage but even with all the cleaning that had been done two coats were needed to give a really white finish.

budget wallpaper

This budget paper was excellent quality for the price

The feature wall was papered using quite a heavily textured paper and as the walls were in good condition lining paper was not needed. Although a budget wallpaper the pattern match was excellent.

Bedrooms and bathrooms were the trend this month. A bungalow in Waltham on the Wolds was in the final stages of being totally re-modernised prior to the client moving in.

Removing the dated self adhesive boarder papers in the bedrooms took quite a bit of the paint off with it leaving a pitted surface. Toupret fine surface filler was used to fill the chips and when dry sanded back. Although this was quite a long and tedious job it was worth the effort as the finished result was a completely smooth surface ready for painting.

It is this level of attention to detail that Juniper-ash Decorating prides itself on and what make the difference when it come to the finished result.

The main challenge when working on a project like this is working around other trades people. As the deadline approaches lots of finishing touches are happening.

Dust is always a problem and managing the work area is really key to achieving a good finish when it comes to painting. Wet paint is like a magnet for dust so Henry Hoover and a mop and bucket are my main tools for keeping it at bay.

Henry Hoover

Never leave home without him

I always enjoy a project like this, there are challenges but as the saying goes “it’s great when a plan comes together” and the finished transformation of this tired 70’s bungalow into a beautiful modern living space was exciting to see and great fun to be part of.