June gets a new home for Easter


Here at Juniper-ash Decorating sometimes we just need to hang out with the chicks.

Even chickens deserve the Juniper-ash approach, no home is to big or small for our team and we love a decorating project with a twist. 

Last year I promised my lovely egg laying ladies a new home and finally my promise has come good. I have just taken delivery of a new chicken coup the Devon Hen House from ChickenCoupsDirect.com
Devon Hen House

The hen house is very well made and does come with a base coat of wood preservative. To maintain the condition of the wood it would need another coat but I thought I would give my ladies something a bit special. I have decided to paint their new home using the Dulux Weathershield range. I often use Dulux Weathershield for my external work and really like the colour choices and finish. It is very durable so will give the hen house the protection it needs as well as adding a bit of character to the garden.

I have used Dulux Aluminium Wood Primer on all the external surfaces and joints. This is an excellent wood primer that can be used both inside and out on resinous timber or surfaces that are liable to bleed through a newly applied paint system.  It is a bit over the top for a hen house but it does mean less maintenance in the future and ensure a really durable finish to my handy work.

I have read the hen house assembly instructions and checked that all the bits are accounted for so I just need to leave the primer to dry and then it will be out with the screwdriver and on with the undercoat.

I will be using Dulux Acrylic Satin Weathershield for the top coat. Being water based it is chicken friendly and comes in a range of fab colours so I can have a bit of fun with the painting and give my girls a palace they deserve.

June the chicken

June, head of special promotions

June my gorgeous Cream Legbar is regularly laying her blue shelled eggs that are a real hit with my clients and her friends Popeye and Steve keep us well supplied with eggs. This new hen house is bigger than their current home so I am hoping to add to my flock with two new birds, Blue Araucana’s that will bolster the blue shell egg production so more of my clients can enjoy them as a thank you gift

Blue Araucana chick

Junior members of the Juniper-ash team

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