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Never ruin your wallpaper again, we have the answer to your decorating problems

Decorating dilemmas solved with bespoke solutions, all part of the Juniper-ash approach.

Picture this… you are relaxing in your newly redecorated lounge, looking at your beautiful new wallpapered feature wall and there at the bottom, yes just there to the left is the only part of your new room that doesn’t coordinate.
You could move the sofa, but the television’s there. You could attempt to paint it but then it still looks out of place, just one of life’s irritating necessities – plug sockets.

Juniper-ash Decorating have recently completed a project where we faced just such a problem. The subtle tones and detailed design of the feature wallpaper would have been spoilt by the prominent white socket covers and detracted from the overall effect the client wanted.

The Prism II from Focus SB who specialise in bespoke electrical solutions, provided the solution we needed.

The Prism II is a socket plate that sits in line with the wall and clear Perspex front that allows your decorator to overlay your wallpaper so that your sockets all but vanish!

Sounds too good to be true? If you don’t believe us, have a look at our example here using a beautiful Zoffany wallpaper called Rome.

Prism II socket

Stylish socket solutions

Rome is taken from Zoffany’s Intaglio collection and features a picturesque view of roman life, the amphitheatres, aqueducts and coliseums that roman architecture is known for are depicted in careful detail that just draws you in to the scene and makes for a stunning feature piece in any home. It also comes in a range of complimentary colour combinations to suite any theme, here we’ve chosen the blue & white for clarity of print but why not try one of the many vintage colour schemes for a fashion forward talking point.

Socket Before

Socket Before & After Rome Wallpaper Application

Socket After

Due to the breathtaking detail of Rome (and many more wallpapers) we at Juniper-ash wish to see them taken care of so that your home showcases all of its potential, why detract from such a lovely scene with a socket or light fitting when we’re happy to source the solution for you? Patten matching can also be a nightmare with such intricate detail and with all our experience at your disposal why not take the stress away and let us do what we enjoy.

Just give us a call on 01664 851502 or get in touch through the website.

At Juniper-ash Decorating we love a decorating challenge, because we care about all the small details that make your space, beautiful.
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