Darker Days, Brighter Wallpaper


Precious gem inspired wallpaper to give your home a million doller luxury finish   


1. A precious stone of convex hemispherical or oval form – polished but not cut into facets.
2. An ornamental motif resembling this, either concave or convex and often surrounded by ornately carved leaf patterns, used on furniture of the 18th century.

And now the exciting new collection from wonderful wallpaper designers Osborne & little.

The collection is inspired by beautiful gemstones, jewellery and the stars; each paper is an exciting mix of traditional design with holographic accents to reflect light into the room for a luxury feel.

Here at Juniper-ash we’re just amazed, at first mirrored wallpaper sounded like it could verge on the over the top 70’s disco look but then we saw them and we couldn’t help but ooh and ahh as though they were a fireworks display, here’s just a few of our favourites.

ajouré wallpaper

ajouré wallpaper


£96 per roll

The delicate work of a floral brooch is depicted in fine detail on holographic foil.

Ajouré is a style of jewellery design similar to filigree but with holes cut from the metal, it is reminiscent of the type of lace known as ajour hence the term.

pampille wallpaper

pampille wallpaper


£88 per roll

Osborne & Little’s signature eight pointed star is given a new glittering interpretation on holographic foil.

“En pampille” refers to diamonds set in a cascade with the smallest gem last.

feuille de chêne wallpaper

feuille de chêne wallpaper

Feuille de Chêne

£56 per roll

Stylised oak leaves and acorns


paillons wallpaper

paillons wallpaper


from 18.88 per roll

A holographic foil strip reminiscent of gem stones

Paillons are small pieces of foil placed under enamel to create a glow; this technique was especially popular with jewellers of the Arts & Crafts movement.

Breathtaking and beautifully subtle, these papers would make a gorgeous addition to anyone’s home, whether it’s bright kitchens, luxurious lounges or bold bedrooms your after – this collection is guaranteed to make a statement and keep you feeling light and bright through the darker days ahead.

As always at Juniper-ash we cannot stress enough the importance of a good lining paper, smooth application and pattern matching, badly matched patterns are tragic to us the last thing anyone wants with designer papers such as these is to crease or ruin it for such a simple thing to as knowing how to hang wallpaper.

We love wallpaper and we pride ourselves on being able to say we specialise in hanging it, we know our lining papers and our pastes inside out and our technique is a well practised art form so you can rest assured your paper is in safe hands.

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