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In our last blog about the National Painting and Decorating show 2012 we mentioned our favourite new find – Mythic paint

Mythic logo

The Mythic paint logo

We caught up with the guys at the show to see just what made Mythic so special and why it’s becoming a frequent choice for painters and decorators.

Mythic is a first in high performance paint – non-toxic, ultra low odour paint that provides the durability and coverage you expect from a premium paint without the off-gassing VOC’s and cancer-causing toxins that emit years after drying.

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We couldn't!

To make clear what this means a VOC is short for a Volatile Organic Compound and is a substance that gives off harmful fumes as low temperature – even room temperature.

Most traditional paints contain VOCs – which is why they often have a really strong smell as well as giving off nasty gases such as formaldehyde. These are known to cause “sick building syndrome” and can cause allergic reactions and asthma which is why many manufacturers are starting to reduce the VOC content of their paint.

Mythic paint can

Safe for people, pets & the planet

Other ranges such as Earthborn also contain no VOC’s but what makes Mythic so special is the fact it was never developed as a “green” paint, just to be paint. Meaning it has always been manufactured to be safe, premium quality paint and unlike other brands that have environmental impacts at the forefront of their research, Mythic has people safety at the front of theirs with the positive eco affects as an added bonus.

As well as all the lovely health and planet benefits to using Mythic paint the range also boasts an astounding variety of shades with tempting names such as “peek-a-blue”, “pale green tea” and “party dress pink” they also stock a multitude of types of paint for every project with a helpful FAQ section to determine which type is best suited to your project.

The Mythic Stand at the 2012 P&D show

The Mythic Stand at the 2012 Painting & Decorating show

Finally you cannot talk about their paint without mentioning the packaging – gorgeous pastel labels with vintage inspired design, Mythic have put fashion in a paint can and the idea of filling your home with these gorgeous 1950’s looking pots is enough to make anyone excited to decorate.

Here at Juniper-ash Decorating we love your homes as much as you do and we are always working on our relationships with up-and-coming companies to give you the best range of options for decorating your home.

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