Juniper-ash Decorating Recives Lincruster Qualification


This week Juniper-ash Decorating has a special congratulations to hand out, we’re proud to announce that lead Juniper-ash decorator Liz has received her Lincrusta certificate.

The Lincrusta Logo

Lincrusta's logo that you may have seen around

For those that don’t know what this means; Lincrusta is a deeply embossed wall covering and was the invention of Frederick Walton who earlier in life during 1860 patented linoleum floor covering.
It is commonly used in period houses, to border wallpaper or to add subtle decoration to a room.

Italian Renaissance theamed Lincrusta

Italian Renaissance styled Lincrusta

Lincrusta is a complicated product to apply correctly to achieve a flawless pattern continuation; the pattern is selected by the homeowner and then arrives in sheets that must be cut to size and then applied in a methodical manner with pain-staking attention to detail – not forgetting the laborious job of properly preparing the surface before you even get to this stage.
See Lincrusta’s guidelines to preparation and applying here if you don’t believe us.

Because of the specific nature of the work and the many stages at which it can go wrong, Lincrusta have a list of qualified trade’s people that they recommend you use for such a project and we are proud to say the Juniper-ash Decorating can now be found on the list, and with rolls of Lincrusta retailing around £135 at the cheapest it’s easy to see why it makes sense to call in a certified decorator to handle this delicate product.

Lincrusta with sunflower pattern

Lincrusta now comes in less traditional patterns - take this beautiful sunflower themed style for example

If you’re thinking of a project for the New Year and you’d like to feature Lincrusta, replace an old pattern with new or even want to use Lincrusta but are unsure if it would suit your room then please do get in touch by clicking here or by calling 01664 851502.

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