Farrow & Ball Get Famous Mention


Juniper-ash Decorating celebrated the New Year in style – we put the paint brushes down and put our feet up, left the wallpaper hanging, got cosy in our slippers and settled in for some television of choice.

However it seems we cannot leave the world of painting and decorating behind so easily: as we channel surfed through the programmes trying to make a decision we managed to briefly switch over to channel 4 just in time to see Jonathan Ross and comedian Russell Howard mention the Farrow & Ball paint range on the “Big Quiz of the Year” show.

Big quiz of the year cast

Ch4's big quiz of the year contestents with host Jimmy Carr

Now Juniper-ash Decorating don’t agree with or uphold the views and opinions expressed by the show, individuals or channel but it was a great start to 2013 to see one of our favourite paint companies get a small mention on a popular show watched by thousands and we just hope it helped Farrow & Ball kick start the new year, after all – with such a delicious range of colours we’re only surprised they’re not already a household name.

Farrow & Ball logo

The Farrow & Ball logo you may have seen

Juniper-ash Decorating regularly works with Farrow & Ball paint and alongside the Little Greene Paint Company, Mythic paint and Earthborn it’s up there with our favourites for its gorgeous colours, wide range of finishes, inspiring names and of course, eco awareness.

Like the others, Farrow & Ball pride themselves on quality over cheap manufacturing in both their paint and wallpaper range, this can make the products more costly but don’t be put off, you do get what you pay for and with Farrow & Ball you are paying for uncompromising quality.

From small beginnings their reputation for quality quickly spread until the pair were supplying paint to the Admiralty and the War Office. The company bucked the trend towards cheaper, acrylic paints with high levels of plastic, in favour of the original formulations and natural ingredients
– Taken from the Farrow & Ball “Heritage” article, read more here.

Farrow & Ball paint wheel

Just some of Farrow & Balls gorgeous shades

Here at Juniper-ash Decorating we carry paint charts for all the aforementioned companies as standard and work with many of their wallpaper ranges, which compliment the wide ranges of paint perfectly.

So if you’re looking for something different and value a bespoke, carefully finished room over a budget finish then you need a decorator who is dedicated to giving you just that – here at Juniper-ash Decorating we value quality and want you to enjoy the experience of having qualified professionals take care of your project, we want you to fall in love with your freshly decorated room and make it feel new and exciting again.

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