Graham & Brown give us a sneak peak


Bespoke wallpaper designers and paint manufacturers Graham & Brown have always created elegant home design that mirrors current trends in fashion, art and cinema.

 It is only natural then that we at Juniper-ash Decorating like to keep a close eye on their website, peruse their wallpaper collections and eagerly await their regular newsletters for a glimpse of gorgeous things to come.

As expected we weren’t disappointed when it came to a sneak peak of what’s to come in 2013 – elegance, tailoring, pastels, decadence and exquisite detail at the heart of both fashion and home decorating are to be expected this year with a glamorous 1920’s twist fresh from Hollywood – what more could we ask for?

Twenties colour ideas

Twentie's deco will be huge

1920’s glamour is set to be huge in 2013 with its clean lines, sharp tailoring and lavish wallpapers, why not take inspiration from vintage Hollywood with elegant silhouettes, bold statement pieces and bright whites or go downtown to the funky New York jazz clubs with cool cocktail colours, vintage vibes and elegant coving? The vintage trends are here to stay when it comes to decorating so why not have a little fun and be swept back to an era of decadence and elegance within the comfort of your own home. 

New york wallpaper

How about a New York skyline?

Or alternatively take a trip into a magical world with Graham & Brown’s new fairy tale inspired collection “Spell Bound” with its very own storybook to entice you in:

Once upon a time in a world devoid of colour and inspiration, a magical wallpaper collection brought about a happily ever after

Read the full story here to be inspired, we know we are!

Fairytale inspired wallpaper

A sample from the beautiful "Spellbound" collection

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