90’s Nostalgia Becomes Fashion Forward in Home Decor


It has been said before that the team at Juniper-ash Decorating love a fun project – anything wacky, out of the ordinary or “off-the walls” on the walls, then we’re your decorators.

So when we caught sight of the latest release of retro wall murals from wallpaper designer Mr Perswall, we couldn’t crowd round the computer fast enough to have a good nose at this fun-filled collection – “nostalgia”.

Without stating the obvious the collection is appropriately named, full of 80’s fun themed kitsch and 90’s bold colouring you’d feel right at home with a juke box and rollers, a perfect backdrop to a girl’s night in.

An image of betty spagetti dolls

A 90's favorite - we often wished we had interchangable body parts!

Set to be huge for Spring/Summer 2013, 90’s bubblegum-pop colours are sure to be making a reappearance throughout the season, with the vintage 1920’s trends of subtle colours moving over a few decades to the lights and brights of the neon 80’s and fun-filled 90’s, a perfect way to liven up any living area, just take a look at a few of our favourites from the collection:

A picture of the pop up mural

We just love the speech bubbles - quoteable and funky

Pop up (£167) – Fun themed mural featuring 1950’s icons in the style of Andy Warhol.
Granny mural

Just like granny used to make - yes please!

Granny (£111) – Don’t be put off by the name, it’s anything but old; A wonderfully nostalgic mural full of favourite nostalgic recipes. A gorgeous addition to any kitchen. 

An american diner style mural

1950's rock and roll vibe with 80's colours, we could really get into this.

Road Trip (£258) – A wonderful retro 1950’s American diner set in the comfort of your home, who wouldn’t love this! Pancakes anyone? Simply delicious.
A stage curtain backdrop
A stage for fit for any queen

On Stage (£250) – Lights, Camera, Action! A wonderful mural for bedrooms or dressing rooms- be the star of the show every night with this dramatic backdrop.

With all this retro fun flying about the Juniper-ash team may well be sporting legwarmers with their overalls and singing into their rollers! (We jest of course – they are ever the professionals, although maybe the legwarmers with all this cold weather…)
Wall murals of any type are tricky by nature to apply professionally to create the smooth, polished, flawless finish they deserve, if you’re thinking of a project and you wish to incorporate a wall mural such as these then why not leave it in the safe hands of the professionals with years of experience and the tools, tricks and tactics to have your mural looking perfectly presented.
The Juniper-ash decorating team have applied many in all shapes and sizes over their years and are such a team, so why not get in touch by clicking here or by calling 01664 851502 and let us take the stress out of your decorating dilemmas.

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