The Tradeswomen needs you


Here at Juniper-ash Decorating we’re an avid supporter of any woman making a name for herself in the trade industry; so when we got an email from Sharon Field, founder of The Tradeswoman, we knew we had a great idea in front of us.

The Tradeswoman is an online directory forming of all us lovely ladies in trade industries, every woman with a trade is invited from painters and decorators like our lovely ladies, to beauticians, butchers, and locksmiths – If you’re a wonder woman based in the UK with a trade then we want you involved!

It’s free to list yourself and only takes around 10 to 15 minuets to set up a profile, from here you can link to your blog, social media, and google+ pages, why not check out our brand new Juniper-ash Decorating listing as an example by clicking here.

We asked Sharon for a statement about her motivation for setting up The Tradeswoman and she sent us the following:

“Recently The Tradeswoman Directory website was launched by Sharon Field. Sharon was, up until last year, an art teacher who then decided to take early retirement. As a keen gardener, landscaper and general DIY enthusiast, she explains her decision to start a site focusing solely on women in the UK in trades:

“As a woman who has often had reason to look for tradesmen to carry out jobs that neither I, (nor my husband) can do, I have been struck by the often poor quality work and unacceptable mess and disruption left behind. I am not saying this applied to all the tradesmen we have had in our house, many of them were very good indeed but it occurred to me that there are women out there capable of doing everything men could do and who cared just that little bit more about the impact of their work than many of their male counterparts.
I have been surprised and delighted by the number of tradeswomen there are and, there appearing to be no website catering specifically for them, I thought I would try and fill that gap. It would be great if the site became known as the first stop for people searching for tradeswomen.”

Membership begins with a free listing which gives you a mini website which will help promote your business. Those in need of your services can search by trade and area and contact you directly. It is also possible to link in your social media accounts; website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and you can also upload videos and testimonials from your customers.
Please have a look at the site and see how it can help your business, Sharon will always respond promptly to your queries so pay her a visit by clicking here and support this great new directory of UK tradeswomen.”

We at Juniper-ash Decorating are thrilled that someone such as Sharon has taken it upon themselves to create such a tool for all the women across the trade industries, and provide a port of call for anyone looking for a tradeswoman. While we have worked with many fantastic tradesmen who are incredibly skilled within their trades, having this network for the girls who work just as hard (and dare we say, sometimes harder?) to make a name for themselves in the trade industry provides both a potentially great support network of tradeswomen in your area, and  a unique new directory for anyone wishing to try a women’s touch.

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