Does your home have kerb appeal?


When we think about decorating our homes we often focus on the interior, we spend hours looking at paint samples and planning the look that we want to achieve before completing the work. However, what about the outside of your property? It’s just as important to invest in making the exterior of your property look beautiful.

It’s understandable that people underestimate what can be done to raise the kerb appeal of their home, it’s not just about keeping the grass cut or the driveway weed free, although that does help. With the right colour scheme, take a look at the choice of exterior wood colours offered by Little Greene for inspiration, and finishing touches, you can easily make the outside of your home look as exciting and individual as the interior.

Here are some tips and ideas on how to raise the kerb appeal of your home


Regular maintenance

external green doorblack front doorIf you have a traditional looking home, or you prefer a simple, elegant look, then there’s nothing better than crisp white stonework. This is easy to achieve through the use of the right outdoor masonry paint and regular cleaning and maintenance.

For advice on which paint to use contact us today on 01664 851502 and we will be more than happy to advise you on some long lasting exterior paint options.


Bright colours

yellow exterior doorIf you want to brighten up the entrance to your home, then why not go all out with a bright colour, it’s bound to cheer up your home and your street. We love this sunshine yellow door, every day is spring in this home, take a look at Cerys from Little Greene’s exterior wood paint collection.



The country look

country lookIf you live in a rural area, or want to create a similar look on an urban build, then greens, greys, and natural wood, metal, and masonry paint colours work really well. They blend in with the surroundings and the finished effect is clean and classic and will never go out of style.





door exterior doorOnce you have the base colours right on your exterior wood, metal, and stone, it’s time to think about accessories. Lighting, decorations, plant pots, and hanging baskets are small changes that can make a big difference to your home’s level of kerb appeal.



Kerb appeal is often only talked about when people are looking to sell or rent out their property, however, we think that the look you create for the exterior of your home is just as important as what you do with the interior. It creates a sense of comfort and pride, something that we are experts in helping our clients achieve. Contact us today on 01664 851502 to talk about raising the kerb appeal of your home or use our contact form here.