Always brushing up on our skills


“A poor tradesperson blames their tools” – a common phrase used within the decorating industry, and most of the time with our problem solving approach we couldn’t agree more, but never under estimate the power of a good brush.

One of our favourite Juniper-ash staff days out is the National Painting and Decorating Show in Coventry. Not only does it give us all a chance to put our glad rags on and discover what new inventions are on their way, but also a valuable opportunity to speak to our existing suppliers face to face about how we use their products and what we as decorators would like to see next. A perfect example of this is Purdy.

Purdy are an American company that have been hand-crafting brushes since 1925, we’ve been a huge fan of their high quality equipment for a long time now and their willingness to listen to the people who use it. After meeting our lovely head honcho Liz and hearing what the Juniper-ash Decorating team had to say, how could they refuse to let us test their newest range of precision paint brushes, the Elite Sprig.

Here at Juniper-ash we love water-based paint. The Elite Sprig is becoming a firm favourite with the team for its flawless delivery and smooth finish of frequently requested acrylic paints such as Little Greene Intelligent Eggshell or Johnstones Acrylic Satin. With its comfortable beavertail handle and narrow ferrule for fine detailing, Purdy didn’t let us down with our request for a brush that can give less drag when laying off water-based gloss, eggshell or satin finishes.

A poor tradesperson might blame their tools but you won’t catch us without the right brush for the job.

Laura using an Elite Sprig with Little Greene Intelligent Eggshell

Laura using an Elite Sprig with Little Greene Intelligent Eggshell.


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