Let it snow.

Well! What an adventure the Juniper-ash Decorating team have had this week. We’ve slipped and slid our way to the vans and finally made it to our current clients through this magical winter wonderland.
Snow covered trees
We often celebrate our many and varied routes to work and how fortunate we are that the views of the gorgeous Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland countryside are ever changing. The beautiful blanket of snow this week got us all thinking about our most used and possibly most often under-rated colour;
Snowy view from van window
Many of our clients give little thought to what shade of white to use for their projects and are often surprised when we provide them with the array of options that white can provide.
  • Basic white – A clean, fresh white. Basic whites brighten a room without being a point of focus. Often used on ceilings or other low interest areas.
    Juniper-ash top pick: Albany Supercover
  • Soft white – soft whites are gentle and unassuming. They allow other colours of a room to dominate focus with their complimenting tones.
    Juniper-ash top pick: Little Greene – Shirting
  • Antique white – A very classic finish with a hint of cream or ivory base tones. Antique white has a elegant feel that can work well on its own or with a vintage colour pallet.
    Juniper-ash top pick: Dulux – Timeless
  • Bright white – A bold statement white, great for use as an accent colour or for a very modern feel. Brights whites give a sharp look but use with caution as can often be deemed too gleaming and detract from other features.
    Juniper-ash top pick: Johnstones – Brilliant White

Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of the Little Greene Blog, they often picture their stunning alternatives to using white.


Little Greene wallpaper with alternative white paint

Little Greene image found here

Don’t forget! We use professional grade paint designed for the trade, pigment in DIY products can vary which will affect the finished result. Also although they may look similar no two brands of white are the same, this combined with the added options of different paint finishes and paint ageing can prove a challenging task when trying to match any white previously applied.
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