O Tannenbaum.

As Melton Mowbray based decorators we couldn’t not mention one of our favourite local traditions. Yes the Pork Pies are excellent and the Stilton cheese isn’t bad either but it’s the annual St Mary’s Christmas Tree Festival that really gets us excited for the Christmas countdown!
Christmas Tree's in St Mary's Church
At this time of year the community spirit of Melton shines brightly through the heart of the town and especially through the 1340+ trees made and decorated by local groups and organisations. Not only is it a beautiful representative of Melton’s community but also the amount of creativity right on our doorstep and all through Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland. As per the usual standard we were blown away by some of this years creations but especially all of their inventive uses of colour!
Christmas Tree in the form of a dress in St Mary's Church
Whether it’s decorating your tree or decorating your home when it comes to choosing colours there’s no denying everyone likes things a little different. Colour has the ability to change our mood affecting both our mental and physical well-being so it’s important to consider what colours really resonate with you.
Wooden Christmas Tree in St Mary's Church
  • Red – Red is considered a powerful colour, full of courage, warmth, energy and excitement. However it can also be associated with aggression and seem closer then it is.
  • Yellow – Yellow is regarded as a happy colour, bright and full of creativity, too much yellow on the other hand can fill people with fear and anxiety.
  • Blue – Blue is often deemed a serene colour, offering a sense of intelligence and concentration and often referenced as the worlds favourite colour. On the flip side blue is also called unemotional and cold.
Paint brush Christmas ornament
  • Green – The equilibrium of colours, green brings balance and harmony giving it a relaxing manner. Though some shades are thought to encorage feelings of being bland and stagnant.
  •  Orange – An abundance of fun! With it’s bold and bright characteristics orange can provide a sense of security. On the downside some people find orange sums up frustration and being irrelevant.
  • Purple – Purple is often associated with the spiritual or super-natural, leaving us with feelings of power, vision and truth. Some people can find purple to introspective or can be left with the feeling of inferiority.
  • Pink –  Pink encourages feelings of emotional tranquillity and love in some people. Often associated with femininity pink can provide a feeling of nurturing. Taken to far pink can cause feelings of emotional claustrophobia and emasculation.
Christmas Tree in the form of a snowman in St Mary's Church
  • Grey – Grey is deemed to have no direct psychological effects and is considered a neutral colour. Grey can provide a contemporary elegance but in some spaces can cause a lack of energy/sense of depression.
  • Brown – Earthy and warm brown can be a natural and relaxing colour due to it’s association with nature. However the over-use of brown or a heavy shade can give a negative sense of humourlessness.
  • Black – Black can be very sophisticated with an air of mystery and glamour when used appropriately. It can however feel menacing and oppressive and easily dominate a space.
  • White – White is associated for most people as being very sterile, this can provide a modern, clean and simple feel to a home. A counter to black’s absorption, white is all about reflection and light, use to much and you might feel it’s a little cold, elitist and un-friendly.
Woodland themed Christmas Tree in St Mary's Church
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