Festive traditions.

Whether it’s the order of the days events, the dinner with all the right trimmings, that film that’s on every year, the celebration of the old or creating new rituals, tradition in all its forms is one of the most unique ways we come together in the festive season. Although here at Juniper-ash Decorating we like to embrace the future and how new products and technology’s have progressed in recent years, the Painting and Decorating industry is rife with traditions that will never go out of style. A bit of good old fashioned customer service for example, or the passing down of knowledge and skills, and of course the hearty packed lunch!
The Demon Roller
However this year old Saint Nick brought the Juniper-ash team a great celebration of both how far we’ve come and that sometimes how traditions became traditional because they couldn’t improve them much more! May we present – The Demon Roller.
The Demon Roller in tray
Yes, despite being from 1961 this “amazing labour saving device” is incredibly similar to the roller frames, sleeves and trays we use on site today.
Admittedly we’ve opted for painters workwear over pinnys and find it slightly more effective to discuss colour IN colour rather than black and white, but the tools and application process of applying paint hasn’t actually changed all that much over the years.
Demon Roller Manual
So we’d like to raise a glass this Christmas to what we can learn from both old and new alike. Whatever your household traditions are this festive season we hope you are having a wonderful time.
– The Juniper-ash Decorating Team
The Juniper-ash Team
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