New year, new you!


We’re back on the tools and some of the team could bearly contain their excitement this morning! It’s a common resolution to lose a bit of weight but Laura and Arron’s new makeover had us completely stuffed!

Laura and Arron teddy bears

Grandma Joan has been incredibly busy over the festive season and made them both these wonderful mini-me additions to the team, complete with a bear sized paint brush and Granddad Ron’s handywork of a miniature ladder!

Arron teddy bear

From Laura’s beanie hat to Arron’s fuzzy face, we think they’re spot on as part of the Juniper-ash Decorating team and even a bit grizzly before their morning coffee too!

Laura teddy bear with little Greene paint chart

We’ll be sure to keep you all updated on their progress as decorators but for now we better coax the rest of the team out of hibernation.

Arron are Laura with their bears

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