January Blues


The team here at Juniper Ash Decorating are all about a positive approach to problem solving, so it seemed appropriate in this weeks blog to tackle something we can all struggle with at this time of year – the blues!

Child’s bedroom painted in Little Greene’s Gentle Sky - contact Juniper Ash Decorating for a no obligation quote

Children’s bedroom painted in Little Greene’s Gentle Sky

Often referred to as the worlds favourite colour blue is said to encourage concentration, reduce stress and increase communication. There’s plenty of different shades to go around, we’ve compiled a colour guide and our recommendations below so hopefully you can take on your blues with confidence and turn them into your best feature.

  • Relaxing blues – It’s no wonder both our recommendations have sky in the title, relaxing blues conjure up that exact feeling of looking up on a gorgeous blue day and sending your problems to the clouds! Simply combined with a soft white for a relaxing space or creams and ocean blues for a taste of the sea.

Juniper Ash Decorating love: Little Greene’s Gentle Sky or Sky Blue

Juniper Ash Decorating - Hallway painted in Little Greene Bone China Blue - Mid

Little Greene image of a hallway painted in Bone China Blue – Mid

  • Elegant blues – the sophisticated side of blue, reserved and thoughtful but still a presence felt. Elegant blues work beautifully in spaces with high ceilings and minimal clutter – such as a staircase – to bring a contemporary yet regal feel. Pair with white for a modern elegance or alongside a neutral wallpaper for a subtle twist.

Juniper Ash Decorating love: Little Greene’s Bone China Blue – Mid or Gauze Deep

  • Airy blues – a great alternative to using white to bring light and space to a room. Airy blues can be used on their own to open up a room, placed next to a bright white they will become a more intense hue or use with a dark shade to create bold contrast.

Juniper Ash love: Little Greene’s Delicate Blue or Celestial White

Little Greene image of Juniper-ash painted walls

Little Greene image of Juniper-ash painted walls

  • Dramatic blues – Dramatic blues are rich and intimate, you can’t ignore their presence but they are not overwhelming. They bring warmth and depth to any space and compliment a wide range of colours, embrace them in their entirety, use as part of a colour scheme or on a feature wall. Their versatility is what we love about them the most and why we share our name with one!

Juniper Ash love: Little Greene’s Juniper Ash or Royal Navy

  • In your face blues – Adventurous, wonderful, electric, unapologetic, BLUE. In your face blues have an exciting, contemporary feel. Use next to bold pinks and yellows for a wow factor finish or as pops of colour to highlight a space.

Juniper Ash love: Little Greene’s Ultra Blue or Deep Space Blue

“Why are they all Little Greene?” We hear you ask! Blue paint is notorious for its difficult coverage, we only recommend products that we can guarantee pigment quality, cost effective coverage and durability and we have never been disappointed with Little Greene’s performance!

Is your decorating project giving you the blues? For a free, no obligation quote, contact the Juniper Ash Decorating team today on 01664 851 502. Alternatively, complete our online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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