What is Lincrusta?

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Lincrusta since 1877

Looking for a wallcovering that oozes opulence, texture and style? Here at Juniper-ash Decorating we have – quite literally – got your space covered! Lincrusta is a deeply embossed premium alternative to wallpaper made from a linseed oil and wood flour base.

Invented to replace painstaking artisan plasterwork and to appeal to Victorian England’s taste, Lincrusta has been adopted in households and businesses alike since 1877, because of its beautiful range of high quality patterns in this practical and durable product.

Lincrusta Fanfare

“Fanfare” pattern painted in a deep red




Lincrusta is a specialist wall covering requiring specialist installation skills, and it just so happens our very own head honcho Liz is a fully certified Advanced Installer for the East Midlands! The linseed base continues to dry for many years, meaning the surface gets tougher over time and many examples over a hundred years old can still be found throughout the world today.


Both oil-based and water-based paint can be successfully applied to the surface, so it can provide the perfect base for effects from simple colour washes or marbling, scumbling, and glazing, to more elaborate gilding and ver de mer treatments.

Based and manufactured right here in the United Kindom, Lincrusta pride themselves on their excellent standards of craftsmanship and attention to detail – sound like anyone we know? – and over the years at Juniper-ash we’ve maintained a great working relationship with their committed and passionate team.


Lincrusta bar

“Elizabeth” applied to a freestanding bar

Lincrusta is a traditional product still made with many of the same natural materials as the very first roll! Even today they still use some of the original rollers to emboss their classic designs but it’s far from outdated. New patterns are frequently being added to their stunning collection, and this distinctive product lends itself to some beautifully creative projects such as a contemporary splash back or applied onto furniture to create something truly unique!

New designs coming for 2018


Can’t get enough of the stuff either? Follow the links below for more ideas and inspiration on how to incorporate Lincrusta within your space or project:

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Lincrusta conference 2018

Juniper Ash Decorating alongside staff and other qualified installers at the Lincrusta conference 2018