What is Lincrusta?


Looking for a wallcovering that oozes opulence, texture and style? Here at Juniper-ash Decorating we have – quite literally – got your space covered! Lincrusta is a deeply embossed premium alternative to wallpaper made from a linseed oil and wood flour base. Invented to replace painstaking artisan plasterwork and to appeal to Victorian England’s taste, Lincrusta...
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Romantic Reds


Red is a traditionally an expensive colour to produce and these shades have always carried an air of opulence. It is considered a powerful colour, full of courage and energy, whether it’s to add some amore or snazz up your singles pad here’s some of the Juniper-ash team favourites! Bold – We couldn’t describe it any...
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Mirror mirror


It’s the end of dry January for some, so this week we thought we’d pay tribute to those who tried a little harder then the Juniper-ash Decorating team to banish the beers! Alright alright, they didn’t all belong to us but when we heard the medium for this quirky project it’d have been rude not...
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Seeing double


This week we’re talking about two of our most loyal and relied upon members of our business. They transport the Juniper-ash decorating team around the Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland countryside without complaint or grumble (most of the time!). Yes, this week it’s all about Bruce and Mr T!   Bruce Bruce is our old faithful...
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The perfect piece


Welcome Onepiece Wallmurals, a new product being installed by Juniper Ash Decorating. Did we mentioned how much we love the National Painting and Decorating show didn’t we? Can’t remember? Click here for a re-cap! At Juniper-ash Decorating we love to keep up to date on new products and training opportunities and we’re very excited about our latest...
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A colourful new world


This week we thought we’d shed some light on what some of the Juniper-ash Decorating team get up to when they’re off duty. And no, afraid we haven’t tried skydiving yet, we’d rather watch the ice hockey then play (come on Panthers!), and the closest we’ve come to extreme team sports are who can throw...
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January Blues


The team here at Juniper Ash Decorating are all about a positive approach to problem solving, so it seemed appropriate in this weeks blog to tackle something we can all struggle with at this time of year – the blues! Often referred to as the worlds favourite colour blue is said to encourage concentration, reduce...
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New year, new you!


We’re back on the tools and some of the team could bearly contain their excitement this morning! It’s a common resolution to lose a bit of weight but Laura and Arron’s new makeover had us completely stuffed! Grandma Joan has been incredibly busy over the festive season and made them both these wonderful mini-me additions...
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Festive traditions.


Whether it’s the order of the days events, the dinner with all the right trimmings, that film that’s on every year, the celebration of the old or creating new rituals, tradition in all its forms is one of the most unique ways we come together in the festive season. Although here at Juniper-ash Decorating we...
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