We understand that decorating inside your home or business premises is an honour and a privilege.

It’s important to us that you feel secure, comfortable and happy with us. Your wellbeing matters, and we’ll make every effort to work as unobtrusively as possible. This includes respecting house/office rules and remaining courteous and professional at all times.

juniper ash painting

From the moment we quote to the minute we pack away our tools, we are committed to making sure your project is completed with the minimum disruption and in a timescale to suit you, your family or your work commitments.

Decorating can be messy but the mess is never left behind. As every woman knows – the job isn’t finished until the hoover has been emptied.

Here’s how we can help you make the most of the space where you live or work.

Painting – Not all paint is the same

After preparation, the key to any lasting finish is the correct choice of paint. As part of the Juniper-ash service, we will give you tailored advice about which paint to choose from a range of big and small specialist paint manufacturers. This often depends on the shape of the room, how the room is used and the effect you’d like to create.

Wallpaper hanging – Where shall we start?

There are so many wonderful decorative papers to choose from, covering timeless classics to striking contemporary designs. The choices are endless – it’s probably what we feel most passionate about and we’d relish an opportunity to help you pick your perfect paper. Why not check out our blog for some of our favourites?

Ceilings – the sky’s the limit

We have all the tools of the trade for painting your ceilings but have you considered wallpaper?

Papering a ceiling is like changing the quilt cover on a king size bed – it’s all in the technique. After many years of experience, both the quilt and the ceiling hold no fear for us.

Coving – Understated elegance

Coving is like a beautiful piece of jewellery, bringing glamour and sophistication to a room. The Juniper-ash team knows how to be creative with coving so why not talk to us and find out how we can add the finishing touch to your room? Give us a call on 01664 851502.

Decorative paint finishes – Exciting and special when used with caution

Decorative paint effects encompass so much more than the stencilling and ragging that dominated our homes in the early nineties. Skillfully applied decorative paint finishes can create infinite textures and effects to add interest and intrigue to your room.

We use a variety of decorative paint finishes in our work and we always like to hear our clients’ ideas. Tell us what you’ve got in mind – we’ll provide you with a wide range of samples. You can count on us for honest advice: if we think it would be a mistake, we will work with you to find an alternative solution.

For your next project inside the home, call us on 01664 851502 or email liz@juniper-ash-decorating.co.uk