Feature walls

Feature walls are a great way to define your room as well as reflect your personality. You might choose to accent a small area for a subtle change or go all out on a bold wall mural.

Creating a feature wall adds undeniable impact. Many people choose them in living areas and dining rooms, sometimes teaming them with a fireplace or focal point.

feature walls little greene

In contemporary homes, feature walls are experiencing a comeback. These days, you’ll find an even greater range of colours, textures and finishes. It’s a fantastic opportunity to experiment. For example, when you paint one wall a darker colour, you add depth and drama to your room. As a result, feature walls have become a design statement in many homes.

You can also use the wall to bring together other elements within the room. For example, if your room features lots of wood, you might like to reflect this in the style and design of your feature wall.

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It’s also a useful distraction to keep attention off any areas you perhaps don’t want to highlight.

Winning ways with wallpaper

You can create a feature wall with some beautifully embossed or pearlised wallpaper. Opting for richly textured wallpaper gives warmth to a room – resulting in a different dimension than simply paint alone.

Choosing a pattern that harmonises with your existing décor is a great way to add interest without risking a clash in colour.

In addition, professionally hung wallpaper is said to last three times as long as paint, without the need for regular touch ups. This makes it a cost-effective way to freshen up where you live, work and relax.

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There are a few things to bear in mind when you opt for a feature wall:

  • No more than one wall per room!
  • Go for a wall that’s free of flaws or bumpy surfaces. Great options include using a wall with an existing architectural feature, such as a chimney.
  • Co-ordinate the design with the rest of your space, so that nothing clashes or feels out of synch.

We’ve plenty of experience in tailoring feature walls to suit your home and preferred style. If you’re looking for a truly unique and exciting way to add interest to where you live or work, take a look at bespoke Onepiece Wallmurals.

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