What is Lincrusta paper?

Have you heard of Lincrusta? It’s a deeply embossed premium alternative to wallpaper. The ‘ingredients’ read almost like an upmarket recipe: linseed gel, blended with gum rosin and combined with wax and chalk on a wood flour base.

what is lincrusta

It’s the type of wall covering that will remind you of architectural mouldings in ornate homes and heritage properties. Developed in the Victorian era by Frederick Walton, its convenience and washability quickly gained a legion of fans across the globe.

Practical, durable and inherently intriguing, its popularity hasn’t faded. One of the earliest sustainable wall coverings, its linseed base will continue to dry for many years. This makes it a resilient choice for both households and businesses.

What’s more, it comes with history and pedigree: chosen for state rooms on the Titanic, to adorn the walls of the White House and as a feature of royal rail carriages.

Choose expert installers

As you might expect, a specialist wall covering demands expert application. You’re in safe hands. Liz has been a fully Lincrusta Advanced Installer for the East Midlands since 2015!

lincrusta bedroom

So if you’re ready for a change, why not consider Lincrusta? Timelessly stylish, convenient and long-lasting, it can be painted over and hardens with age. Great news for bathrooms and kitchens as it won’t deteriorate with exposure to steam. It’s also brilliant for masking flaws in a wall.

Designs have moved on from the Victorian age, too. Lincrusta recently extended their collection to include contemporary trends such as geometric patterns.

what is lincrusta wallpanel

Here at Juniper-ash, we think Lincrusta is more than a wall covering; it gives mood, feeling and ambiance to a room. We can apply both oil-based and water-based paint to the surface, so it’s the perfect base whether you’re looking for simple colour washes or prefer a marbling, scumbling and glazing effect.

For advice on the best design for your room, give our friendly team a call on 01664 851502 or get in touch here.