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June gets a new home for Easter


Here at Juniper-ash Decorating sometimes we just need to hang out with the chicks. Even chickens deserve the Juniper-ash approach, no home is to big or small for our team and we love a decorating project with a twist.  Last year I promised my lovely egg laying ladies a new home and finally my promise has...
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Trevor Digan, Dukesbury Garden Rooms


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the project you have just completed at Harlaxton, for Dukesbury Garden Rooms. As a business that prides itself as one of the market leaders in luxury timber conservatories it is very important that only the finest materials and trades are used at all times...
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Making wood look good


It is said the older you get the quicker time flies and for me this year seems to be going at break neck speed. My youngest daughter turned 19 today and is off to Guilford to study music in September. We had a fabulous family BBQ in the garden and it was great to be...
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